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Take the Kids Birding!

Bird watching is a great way to get your kids outside—away from their screens and into appreciating nature. By observing birds, it helps to quiet the mind and bring about focus. It engages our senses as we listen for bird songs, look at their shapes and colors, watch what they eat and how they fly. Peaceful observation is so important for a busy mind, even for kids. Plus, experiencing nature, not just watching it on a tiny screen, is also important. It reminds us that the world is a great big wonderful place. We also get the opportunity to teach our kids to respect wildlife by instructing them not to touch nests, eggs, or birds.

When it comes to cost, birding is pretty inexpensive. You don’t have to travel, and we suggest starting in your backyard. Knox County is home to many beautiful birds like the cardinal, the state bird. Wolf Run Regional Park is a great place to see birds.

Koko wants to make sure you have everything you need to be a successful birdwatcher. So please download the things below and have a great time!