School Kids Meditating

Managing Stress

5 Ways to Manage Stress

  • Get their heart rate up with aerobic activities. This will raise their heart rate and release chemicals that improve mood.

  • Deep breathing exercises! You can find guided exercises online or try things like blowing on a pinwheel!

  • YOGA! Not only will they be focused mentally on yoga but physically too!

  • Get outside! Being in nature and getting some Vitamin D. Stepping away from electronics and clearing our minds can do wonders!

  • Distract the brain! Make them focus on something else, whether a puzzle, coloring, or something unrelated to the stressor at hand.

School Kids Meditating

Meditation and Breathing

Meditation uses breathing exercises to calm the mind and body, and promote a state of peace within the body. Meditation has many benefits for kids, including improved behavior and attention. Some studies relate that practicing meditation leads to lower obesity outcomes, lowers blood pressure, and managing ADHD symptoms.

Tips for Meditation

  • Length of Meditation Sessions

    • Preschool | a couple of minutes a day.

    • Grade-school | 3-10 minutes twice a day.

    • Teens and adults | 5-45 minutes a day or more, depending on your preferences.

  • Try to use breathing techniques to teach kids how to process emotions. The first thing we do when we have a situation is take three deep breaths.

  • Start slow on this journey and build up as time goes on!

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