Kids Gardening

Making a Small Garden

Garden Part One

  • Take the seeds out of the bag

  • Get 3-4 paper towels Dip the paper towels in water, making them damp

  • Loosely put the damp paper towels into the plastic bag

  • Put the seeds back into the bag

  • Press the outside of the bag, so the seeds are pressed onto the paper towel Seal the bag Hang in a Window

  • Watch them start growing!

Garden Part Two

  • Fill the container with dirt 

  • Make sure the dirt is moist​

  • Carefully take plants out of the bag be sure not to break them​

  • Make a small hole in the dirt about .5 inch​ Place the roots down in the soil 

  • Cover the roots 

  • Water the plant

  • Put it in the window and watch it grow!

  • Make sure to give your plant plenty of water and sunlight!