Teddy Bear Jell-O pool


  • 6 oz. Blue Raspberry Jell-O (2 boxes)

  • 1 1/4 cup Whipped Topping

  • 10 Life Saver Candies

  • 20 Teddy Graham Cookies

  • 10 Drink umbrellas optional

  • 10 Clear drink cups small


  1. Prepare your Jell-O according to the package and pour into small clear cups. Allow refrigerating until Jell-O is fully set.

  2. Place a small dollop of whipped topping on one half of the Jell-O.

  3. Take those cute and delicious little teddy bear cookies and place them in the middle hole of the Life Saver candy.

  4. Add your Teddy Bears, umbrellas, and any other edible embellishments to your Jell-O and enjoy a cool, kid-friendly treat!

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